Grass-fed Beef Indiana Farm

About Our Farm

      We are Homestead Heritage Farm; Kokomo, Ind.; Jonathan and Lucinda Gingerich, plus a busy, growing family.

      Fifteen years ago, after some major health problems, we took a long hard look at the food we were eating and realized we needed to make some major changes. We threw out all the processed junk and committed to eating nutrient dense food.

     Imagine our surprise when we discovered that while we lived in the midst of very fertile farms, there really wasn’t any nutrient dense food on them!

        So we set out to grow our own....Talk about an education! Neither of us had a farming background; although, Jonathan had a smattering of knowledge from helping on his Grandpa’s and neighbor's farms.

       Five years later, what began as an effort to grow our own food became a full fledged “farm to consumer” market farm. Our goal is to serve you, our customer, the best tasting, most nutrient dense food choices possible. We offer everything from 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-grown pork and poultry to specialties like home cooked ready-to-eat meals.

       Today, we serve more than 200 families in the Indianapolis and Kokomo areas, and we feel that we have found our calling. We love working with the land, the animals and the family that God has chosen us to steward. Really, it comes down to working with nature in the way God intended in the beginning. Hence our motto – Real Food by God’s Design.

   If you’re in the area, stop in! We love to visit.

Our Mission

We are small farmers with a mission: To provide good, nutritious food to our local community; to give consumers a healthy choice in the food they eat; to provide our growing family with a safe wholesome environment in which to work, play and grow; and to take care of the earth by farming in a sustainable, humane way, thereby contributing to the health of our natural resources (air, water, soil), the health of our animals (clean, happy, humane conditions) and ultimately to the health of our families, friends and fellow men.